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About Eco Log

At Eco Log we have always strived to design the best and most profitable machines on the market. And we are proud to say that for over half a century we have delivered unique forestry machines that really make a difference for our customers.

Today we are about 100 employees who work to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Our designers, fitters, service technicians and sales staff are in constant contact to continually improve and develop our products. This means that you as a customer always receive absolute world class products.

Our ambition, however, is not to sell machines without becoming a long-term and appreciated partner for you as our customer. We want to be the key to your success. Because when you succeed - we know we did a good job. Quite simply, we will be the partner who delivers the best solutions for efficient and modern forestry.

This is our promise to you.

Welcome to Eco Log.

Vision and Values

We will be an accessible partner who offers our customers the most profitable and reliable solutions for forestry. We are the Forestry of tomorrow.

Our value words:

  • Customer understanding
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Ownership

Our history

Eco Log boasts a long history. The name itself has been around for a decade, but the factory is much older than that. Ever since 1965, Söderhamn has been the manufacturing center for forestry machines, when Kockum started production in the premises.

The origin of today's Eco Log products is Skogsjan and the so-called "Spider Machine" which was launched in 1986. With its hydraulic wheeled-engine mounted on pendulum arms, the Spider Machine revolutionized how machines got through the forest.

Since then, a lot has happened. During periods of ownership under the likes of Caterpillar and Log Max, the company took important strategic decisions and, for some time now Eco Log has had a new strong owner with the ambition to make the company grow globally.

Your team

We know that there is a lot of work that goes into successful forestry. And we want to do everything to make it easier for you as a customer. Therefore, we have now introduced a system which means that all new machines delivered have a dedicated team behind them. The team consists of key personnel who have been involved in your delivery, such as your sales representative, your service representative and your contact for service and spare parts. This means that you as a customer can quickly and easily get in touch with us when you need to.

Environment policy

Eco Log designs, manufactures and sells machines for modern forestry. Our harvesters and forwarders provide opportunities for the sustainable use of one of our most important renewable resources - the forest. The forest is a matter of the heart to us - it is the base of our business and a constant source of inspiration for our employees. We want our products and services to contribute to an ecologically sustainable society and drive environmental progress forward.

Our goals are:


Environmental work must be preventive and open with emphasis on constant improvement.


In our activities, the environmental laws and regulatory requirements represent a minimum level of our environmental performance.


Environmental targets are based on our environmental impact, continually monitored and adapted to the business.


Raw materials and energy must be used as efficiently as possible. Reuse and recycling should be facilitated.


People who work in the company or on our behalf must be knowledgeable about environmental issues and aware of the environment and how human health may be affected and protected.