Active bogie

Active bogie – taking forestry to the next level

Active bogie offers you the best of two worlds and unbeatable mobility in steep terrain. Active bogie is a unique solution combining a mechanically unbalanced bogie with hydraulic balancing controlled by specially developed software that continually optimizes traction and ground pressure to match the underlying terrain and incline.

On flat, sensitive ground, the bogie is unbalanced, which means that the wheels closely follow the terrain without creating unnecessary ground pressure. This allows the machine to work efficiently with minimal energy losses and low fuel consumption while avoiding unnecessary ground damage. In steep terrain, the bogie is automatically hydraulically balanced, with the wheels striving to move downward to ensure optimal ground pressure, thereby creating enough traction for the machine to easily climb slopes and steep inclines without the bogie rearing up.

  • Active bogie is available as an option when buying an Eco Log 1250 forwarder.
  • The advanced software and design make active bogie intelligent, automatically optimizing the ground   pressure exerted by the wheels to match the incline and ground conditions. This prevents the wheels from creating ruts in the ground and minimizes the risk of ground damage, getting stuck, and wheel spin on slopes and in sensitive terrain.
  • Together, active bogie and bogie lift set the scene for low-impact, energy-efficient forestry in different types of terrain. 
  • Thanks to the adaptive ground pressure, fuel and energy consumption are continually optimized,  ensuring cost-effective forestry that is easy on the environment