Agile lightweights

Eco Log’s lightweights for agility, safety, and stability

In the product development of Eco Log’s smaller forwarders, the focus has been on producing lightweight, stable machines that can work safely and with little impact in all types of ground conditions. The short hood offers exceptionally good visibility while the high clearance angle allows the operator to climb a steep hill or cross a ditch safely and without the nose scraping the ground.

The forwarders’ low weight means low energy and fuel consumption, which together with their low maintenance costs makes for cost-effective forestry. The low weight, combined with options such as bogie lift and active bogie (1250), means that these forwarders have an unbeatable ability to work in and navigate even unusually soft and sensitive terrain, and always with minimal ground pressure and low impact on standing trees and the forest floor.

  • The bogie lift option allows the front wheel set to be raised, which significantly reduces the machine’s turning radius and allows it to use the rear wheels to turn and maneuver with great agility. 
  • With the bogie locked, the machine’s stability is increased noticeably, enabling it to easily and safely cross ditches or patches of soft ground without the risk of getting stuck.
  • Our compact and lightweight forwarders offer operators a comprehensive overview and full control of the machine, the task at hand, and the work area. 
  • Together with the trailer design, the low weights of these forwarders ensure high load indexes.