Low-impact forwarding

Low-impact forwarding for sustainable forestry

Eco Log’s range of smaller forwarders, with load capacities from 9.1 to 13.8 tons (8.5 to 12.5 metric tons), are all characterized by low weight and the ability to cause little impact on the forest no matter the circumstances. The focus in both the design and the choice of materials has been on producing lightweight, productive forwarders with low fuel consumption and high load indexes that can move around the forest with little impact and minimal ground damage, even in soft and sensitive terrain.

Eco Log’s smaller forwarders are great for use on softer ground and in harsh weather conditions, where they can remain highly productive with minimal impact when other machines are forced to stand still.

  • The bogie lift option significantly reduces the turning radius, allowing the forwarder to use the rear wheels to navigate between trees with great agility while the front wheels are raised to  prevent them from sliding their way through the terrain.
  • Locking the bogie minimizes ground damage in, for example, soft, sensitive terrain and enables the machine to drive straight across a ditch rather than down and then up.
  • The low weight of these forwarders reduces ground pressure, fuel consumption, and energy use, with positive effects on both the environment and profitability.
  • The Eco Log 1250 has an active bogie option, which combines an unbalanced boogie with  hydraulic balancing to continually optimize ground pressure and provide unbeatable mobility in steep terrain.