Experience the power of Eco Log’s harvester crane

Thanks to Eco Log’s proprietary crane, the harvesters deliver unmatched power and productivity. The crane is specially developed for harvesters and can easily maneuver and lift the harvester head even when used at long reaches and in steep terrain.

Combined with the pendulum arms on the 500 series harvesters, the crane enables the machine to work with high power and efficiency even in steep and hilly terrain as the wheels are adapted to the terrain so as to keep both the machine and the crane optimally positioned.

  • Eco Log’s proprietary crane is available in four different versions – 220, 250, 260, and 310.
  • The powerful crane, together with the harvester’s pendulum arms, maximizes machine productivity.
  • Thanks to its power, the crane is ideally suited to multi-tree handling.
  • The movement pattern allows snags to be felled safely and securely and the crane remains powerful even at great heights.