Pendulum arms
Dependable engine
Powerful crane


Increase your productivity with Eco Log harvesters

Eco Log harvesters in the 500 series have all been designed and constructed to enable you, our customers, to make the most of your forest machine. With superior ground clearance, high mobility in all types of terrain, and optimal servicing conditions, Eco Log harvesters stand out in terms of both productivity and efficiency.

All parts and components are carefully selected to ensure reliable, high-performance machines that can handle the many and varied tasks of modern forestry. The pendulum arms on the harvesters ensure that the crane and the cab are level at all times, enabling the machine to work with high efficiency and power even in difficult terrain and on steep slopes.

  • Eco Log harvesters gives its operator full control in any situation as the machine adapts to the terrain due to the pendulum arms. By raising, lowering, or tilting the machine by means of the pendulum arms, the harvester can easily navigate all types
    of terrain.
  • The harvesters are equipped with engines from Volvo Penta, characterized by their low fuel consumption, responsiveness, and long service interval.
  • Servicing is quick and convenient thanks to the all parts of the harvester being easily accessible and the ability to lower the machine to the optimum working height.
  • The crane and the harvester head are easily lifted and operated with high torque and efficiency even at long reaches and in difficult terrain. This is a major advantage, for example, when thinning or harvesting logging residue.
  • Optimized interaction between the hydraulic system and the diesel engine means that the machine always works at high capacity and with great efficiency.