From time to time we at Eco Log go out to visit our customers and take part of their everyday life with the machines. Here we gather films and reports from our visits. Find out more about our customers opinions of the machines and what a day in the forest can look like when Eco Log comes to visit.

Eco Log visits - Hummelbo Skogsenergi

In 2007, Per Erik Sjöström founded the forestry company Hummelbo Skogsenergi AB. The forest he owns today has been passed down through many generations and the plan is for Per Eriks son Magnus to eventually take over the business. Today, the company has five machines from Eco Log. The powerful crane, the machines ability to navigate in any terrain and the personal contact are some of the things that Magnus hold out as benefits with Eco Log.

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Eco Log visits Boda-Arkens Skogs & Lantbruksservice

Together with his mother and sister, Marcus Andersson runs Boda-Arkens Skogs & Lantbruksservice. To Boda-Arken there are several reasons why they have chosen Eco Log machines. These include easy servicing, reliability and leveling that makes it easy to climb slopes and navigate in difficult terrain.

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Lindbloms Skogsentreprenad

On the outskirts of the Swedish town of Vingåker, we find Lindbloms Skogsentreprenad, owned and managed of Henrik Lindblom. Henrik has chosen to operate Eco log due to its serviceability, reliability and productivity.

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