Eco Log visits A. Larssons Skogsentreprenad

Since around this time last year, Frida Larsson and Patrik Bodin have been running the well-established family business Anders Larssons Skogsentreprenad in Hälsingland, a province in central Sweden. Frida and Patrik have had an eventful year in more than one way, as in addition to taking over the family business, they also welcomed their son Theo to the world. Frida’s parents ran the company for more than thirty years and being able to take over means a lot to her.

“It feels great, especially since it’s not always a given that old family businesses can be continued in this way even if most people would certainly like to. I’ve always had a natural interest in the land and the forests and, having studied agricultural and rural management, have leaned more toward the agricultural side. Patrik, on the other hand, has experience from running similar businesses in the past. So, it feels like we’re a good team,” says Frida.

They currently own two harvesters from Eco Log – a 550 and a 590 – and Patrik’s previous company also had an Eco Log harvester in its lineup. There are many reasons why they chose Eco Log, with stability, power, and high productivity among the most important. Above all else, both Patrik and Frida appreciate the good contact they have with Eco Log as a company and the access to local reliable service.

“They’re good people at Eco Log, both the sales staff and the mechanics at the service workshop. There’s a friendly atmosphere,” says Patrik.

“Yes, we have good contact with them, and it feels like they always do whatever they can to help out,” Frida adds.

All in all, the company has nine employees working in the forest and one more in the workshop. The machines are operated in shifts, for both final felling and thinning, with Patrik operating the 590 most days and rating it highly.

“They’re awesome, Eco Log’s harvesters,” is how Patrik sums it up.