Eco Log visits Boda-Arkens Skogs & Lantbruksservice

Together with his mother and sister, Marcus Andersson runs Boda-Arkens Skogs & Lantbruksservice. The company is situated in Närke, central Sweden, and focuses on both forestry and agriculture, with services encompassing thinning, final logging, meat production, and agricultural machine contracting.


For forestry work, the company currently has three machines, all from Eco Log. A 550 T-PRO harvester teamed with a 564C forwarder for thinning work, and a 590E harvester used for final logging. The company has had the thinning harvester for two months, making it the newest addition to the line-up.

“As an owner, it’s great to be able to do an even better job for our customers by developing the business and upgrading our technology and machines. Our customers are what is most important to us, along with our  employees. And our employees should be happy working with both us and the machines. We want to expand Boda-Arken, and we’re now in a position where we feel that we can invest in the future,” Marcus explains.


The company has chosen Eco Log machines for several reasons. These include the easy servicing, the reliability, the favorable handling of warranty claims, and the nearest service workshop to Boda-Arken, namely Julitta Maskinservice.

“They’re always so helpful and provide good service. One major advantage of Eco Log harvesters is that the cab continuously follows the crane, maintaining good visibility of the head and the work area. The leveling is also a real asset, as it makes it easy to climb slopes and navigate difficult terrain. This means that you can skid the timber down to the forwarder, and it feels like you can handle more compared to other brands. We’re quite simply extremely pleased with Eco Log, so it’s a thumbs-up from us," Marcus ends.

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