Eco Log visits - Gustavssons Gräv och Skog

For more than 20 years, Anders Eriksson and Anders Gustavsson have worked the forests around Nyköping, where together they run the company Gustavssons Gräv och Skog. When Eco Log drops by to visit, they’re busy harvesting seed pines with the help of their harvester, a 688E.
“We started using Eco Log machines in 2006, and we’ve had both a 560 and a 580. Then we switched to the 688 SteepHunter, which is superb and ideal for our kind of work as it’s a very efficient machine with incredibly powerful crane swing force”, says Anders Eriksson.

The company’s assignments range from initial thinning to final logging, so they’ve decided to have dual heads for both their harvesters, a Log Max 5000 and a Log Max 6000. This way, they can handle the varied assignments and preferences of their customers. In addition to the two harvesters, the company has three forwarders and even an excavator for other types of work, such as preparing forest roads and forest ditches.

It’s not only customer needs that dictate their choice of machines and equipment, but also the environments in the areas where Gustavssons Gräv och Skog operates.
“The 688 is of course an 8-wheeled harvester, which means we can use tracks on both the front and the rear to prevent ground damage and improve mobility on soft ground. This suits us perfectly in the areas where we work and switching to the 688 is the best move we’ve made,” Anders Eriksson ends.

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