Eco Log visits Tifa Skog

For the past 15 years, Mats Larsson has been running Tifa Skog, a company operating out of the town of Laxå in Örebro County, central Sweden. Together with his eight employees, he conducts thinning assignments on behalf of the Swedish forest company Svea Skog. Over the years, he has owned no fewer than ten harvesters from Eco Log. Today, the company has two 550 T-PROs, a 564 forwarder, and – their latest addition – a new Eco Log 1250F. There are several reasons why Mats and his company have chosen Eco Log, and through the years they have has found a concept that works.

“For us, it’s important to be able to do as good a job as possible. To be able to work efficiently while also minimizing the risk of damage. We use Log Max 3000T heads, which are small and agile. Together with Eco Log’s extended crane, we achieve an extremely good reach and can get at the trees in the intermediate zones, enabling us to thin efficiently. The powerful crane enables us to accumulate at full extension as it can easily lift the trees. What’s more, the stability and leveling of these machines is superb when thinning small-diameter trees, sometimes in difficult terrain. It makes them much easier to maneuver, so that we can position the machine perfectly and thereby avoid damage,” Mats explains.

Mattias Magnusson is employed by the company and operates their latest investment, an Eco Log 1250F forwarder. After operating this forwarder for just over a month, he can offer some insight into a few stand-out features.

“I think it’s a really great machine. It’s agile in the forest and offers great visibility from the cab. When making turns, you can always see the tires and know exactly where they are. You also have a good view of the trees and can avoid causing damage. Another positive thing I’ve noticed is the fuel consumption. The tank lasts a long time, at least two shifts, so you don’t need to refuel very often, and this reduces downtime. It also makes its way through the forest very easily, even on steep, slippery slopes, thanks to the active bogie. So, the handling is just great,” says Mattias.