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Customer report: Ana de Maderas O Fraguiero

In the south of Galicia, Spain, we find Ana de Maderas O Fragueiro. Ana works, amongst other things, as a Forwarder operator in the family company Maderas O Fragueiro S.L. Here, she operates their Eco Log 574F since it arrived to the company in April last year. The company was founded by her father in 1992 and today there are seven employees plus Ana´s parents who manage the business. Since the start, the company has grown little by little and today they are divided in two teams – one working by hand with chain saw operators and one team operating the forest machines. Ana describes what the working conditions looks like and explains that the forests in south Galicia are very different from those in nothern Europe.

- The forests here consist mostly of pine and eucalyptus, and sometimes it is a mixed forest with both species. The big challenges that we face here are that the stands are often very rough and narrow, and since there are a lot of mountains the terrain is mostly steep with large slopes. The forests are rarely plantations, but seedlings from natural regeneration and this makes thinning very difficult as the rows are anything but straight lines. Also, the majority of the forest areas are very small, often less than half a hectare, says Ana.

The forwarder is the company´s first machine from Eco Log, and so far they are extremely satisified with the investment.

- The reason that we chose an Eco Log is that it is well suited for our conditions and the challenges we face in the forestry here in Galicia. We compared it with fowarders in the similar size from other brands and Eco Log turned out to be the most beneficial option in terms of price, quality and the charactheristics that we look for. For example, Eco Log has the Volvo 6-cylinder engine compared to other brands that have 4 and a capacity of 14 tonnes compared to 12. Also, the comfort of the cabin is good. Combined, these things made us choose Eco Log, Ana says.

Apart from operating the forwarder Ana has other tasks in the company, such as purchasing wood, PEFC forest certification and invoicing. This means she spends a lot of time in the office and that she hasn´t the opportunity to work in the forest as much as she would like.

- What I like most are the machines and seeing the before and after of a job well done. A good forestry operation, working with the forest in mind and seeing how a forest improves after a well-done thinning. Sometimes, people find it a bit curious that it is a girl operating the forwarder or coming to buy the wood. But it suits me really well, and I don´t think I could find any other job so satisfying, Ana ends.