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Eco Log CEO about the Corona virus and the future

Dear Customer

Today, no one is unaffected from the Corona virus and its progress. It concerns us all in many ways - from our health, the care of loved ones and an uncertainty of what consequences are to be expected now and ahead. To us at Eco Log, it is natural to do everything we can to contribute to everyone’s safety and in our common responsibility to stop the Corona virus. Therefore, we have gradually intensified our precautions during the past weeks.

Eco Log has experienced a positive development and steady growth during the past years. This is a journey that we wish to continue together with you as our customers ahead. In the current situation, we see no other choice than to temporarily scale-down the capacity of our operations. This means all departments from Production and Spare Parts to Technical Support will continue their activities but  at a lower scale. We are doing everything we can to make sure that you as a customer still will experience a high level of service. Some things, however, are out of our control as we are depending on the capacity of our transportation suppliers. Therefore, we see a considerable risk that we won´t be able to provide all your spare part orders to your facility in time.

As always, we value the dialogue with you as our customer and any delays in our machine deliveries will be communicated directly to those who are affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause You.  Hopefully, the situation will stabilize shortly and soon allow us to continue our operations with full strength ahead.

Finally, we wish for good health and strength for You and all Your loved ones in this challenge we are all facing together.


Stay safe

Anders Gustafson


Eco Log Group