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Eco Log presents E-series forwarders

The new forwarders 574E and 594E have been developed with the driver in mind, and so a lot of thought has gone into designing a completely new cab affording greater comfort and a better view. The forwarder has also been given a new diesel engine from Volvo Penta, resulting in a fuel-efficient machine offering a quick response on loading and high reliability. A complete power pack which all in all gives better overall economy.  


The new cab comes with large-framed windows and low side windows to the front wheels to provide a better view. The cab is more spacious, affording greater comfort, with better lighting and many new refinements. An upgrade to the driver’s cab is something our customers have been asking for, and so we are pleased to be able to launch this cab, which delivers an entirely new driver experience. 


The Volvo Penta D8 engine is known for its high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emissions levels. The overall result is a machine with minimum downtimes and high capacity utilisation, delivering better overall economy.


The 574E and 594E are easy to service. Major components have been grouped on the same side of the machine to make access easier. Cab, hoods and tank can all be tilted, and the frame is fitted with a skid plate that is easily removed. 


Volvo Penta has a well-developed service network that extends across the world, ensuring Eco Log’s customers a reliable service they can trust in and the best possible availability.


The IQAN control system has been improved with the addition of more integrated functions. The unit now also has a bigger screen with touch functionality. 


To make the forwarder still more competitive, we offer several options, such as different types of lighting and cab damping system.

The new forwarder series will be available on the market in the spring. Please contact your nearest dealer for more information.