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Jeff - a Field technician with Eco Log close to his heart

Eight years ago, Jeff Savoie started servicing harvesters and forwarders from Eco Log, machines that at this time were new in the Canadian market. With the ambition to be the best technician Jeff learned everything there was to know about the machines. Because of his hard work, today he supports customers and service machines all over Canada as a field technician at Strongco.

- As I first came in contact with Eco Log machines it was at Log Max Forestry where I worked for many years and developed my skills a lot. Therefore it was a hard decision to leave but I gave a lot of me to learn as much as possible about Eco Log forwarders and harvesters. It is an amazing product that means a lot to me, so I followed my heart and chose to follow the machines to be a part of their development ahead, says Jeff.

 His interest and enthusiasm for the forest industry started as he grew up, watching his father and grandfather who were both working in the forest.

-They made me discover the beauty of working outside and it became a passion since day one. Also, I always wanted to learn more about the mechanical side of the industry and so I studied in college to be a Heavy Equipment Technician. Today, I use my skills to give the customers the best support I can, and I get to work on the machines and out in the forest. The best of two worlds, says Jeff.

 The most unique part with Eco Log harvesters and forwarders according to Jeff is the versatility of the machine in different terrain and types of cuttings. In his contact with different customers, features as high comfort, easy servicing, good visibility and high reliability are often mentioned and when we ask Jeff why you should choose an Eco Log, the answer is simple.

- Because it’s a really good product and the product speaks for itself, says Jeff.