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Launch of Our New 688E at Elmia Wood

In the last year we have launched new generations of both our harvesters and forwarders. At Elmia Wood we are launching the latest addition in the E-series as it is also the premiere viewing of our eight-wheeled harvester 688E. The harvester has been specially developed to handle work in steep terrain and to maneuver on sensitive ground. We will also showcase our other E-Series machines as well as having live demonstrations with the 574E forwarder and the 580E harvester. In addition to our new products, we also launch a number of new services in finance, servicing and fleet management that will make things easier for you as a customer.

Products in the booth:
Premiere viewing of 688E - Our latest addition to the E Series. An eight-wheel harvester specially developed to handle steep terrain or sensitive surfaces. Come and experience the premiere viewing of the machine that challenges gravity.

E-harvester – a new generation with everything extra – In the spring of 2016 we launched a new series of harvesters equipped with Volvo Penta D8 engines. Volvo Penta’s diesel engines have been developed especially for forestry applications. Their low weight, compact design and easy installation make them perfect for driving our new generation of harvesters. We will of course have all machine models in place in the booth.

E-forwarder with new cab and new engine - In January 2017 we launched our new range with two new models, the 574E and 594 E. The new forwarder has been developed with the driver in mind, so the focus has been on a completely new cab with improved comfort and better visibility. The forwarder is also equipped with a new Volvo Penta diesel engine. The forwarder is a complete power package that provides a better total economy. Both models will be in our booth at Elmia Wood.

New services:
Eco Online – A Fleet Management App which gives the machine owner the possibility to monitor machine operations.

All Inclusive – All information on one invoice - finance, insurance, service and spare parts. Helps you see how competitive your Eco Log is from a total cost perspective. Currently available for Swedish market only.

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership Calculator) – A new service to easily calculate the total economy for Eco Log owners.

Service Agreement – Gives you an overview of your service costs, ensuring that your work is performed with original parts by a Certified Service Representative. Currently available for Swedish market only.

Spare Parts Agreement – Checks your spare parts, gives an even distribution of costs and a machine that is always in the best condition. Currently available for Swedish market only.

Simulator – The training simulator makes you even more powerful as a machine driver.

Welcome to booth 826 where you can meet us and our dealers from across the world.

Read more about 688E here 

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Chief Marketing Officer
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Mats Gustafsson
Marketing Communications Manager
Project Leader for the exhibition
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