Reliable forwarders with the operator in focus

Eco Log’s forwarders move through the terrain with great ease and the machines offer excellent turning radii and clearance angles, as well as exceptional visibility of the work
area. The forwarders have been developed to be reliable over time and are equipped with engines from Volvo Penta, characterized by their high performance, reliability, and
fuel economy.

Eco Log’s forwarders keep the operator in focus, prioritizing the work environment, ergonomics, and comfort to create favorable working conditions for long days in the forest. Just like Eco Log’s harvesters, the forwarders have been developed for optimum servicing conditions, with centralized service points and easily accessible components.

Eco Logs forwarders:

  • Have a cab designed for high comfort, spaciousness, and a favorable work environment. The cab is also very well equipped, boasting many features and details, all with the aim of facilitating the operator’s working day.
  • Ensure forestry with a favorable total cost of ownership thanks to long service intervals, exceptional reliability, and serviceability.
  • Have been designed to make the different parts of the machines easy to access, with the entire skid plate on the front frame easily lowered and removed during servicing and maintenance.