Lindbloms Skogsentreprenad

On the outskirts of the Swedish town of Vingåker, we find Lindbloms Skogsentreprenad, a two-year-old forestry company focused on final logging, working in northern Östergötland County on behalf of the forest owners’ cooperative Södra Skogsägarna. Henrik Lindblom owns and manages the company. Together with his three operators, he operates the machines in two shifts, working from early morning to late evening.


A year ago, the company bought a new harvester, a 590E. Then, a little more than two weeks ago, the company took delivery of a brand-new forwarder, a 594E. Throughout his eight years as an operator, Henrik has worked solely with Eco Log machines.

“When planning to buy a new machine, we mostly consider reliability, and that’s an area where Eco Log excels. Productivity is also high, and regardless of the terrain or the stem being processed by the head, the harvester always delivers great force, never losing power. Since we only work with final logging, and often in forests with large-diameter trees, that’s a real asset for us,” says Henrik.


A regular working day at Lindbloms Skogsentreprenad starts at 6 am, which is when the first shift hits the forest. At two in the afternoon, it’s time for the second shift to take over. Everyone meets up for the handover, discussing how the day has been so far, inspecting the machines, lubricating them where necessary, and making sure everything is in working order.

“Eco Log’s harvesters and forwarders are very easy to service. It’s easy to get at all the components you need to check as there’s plenty of space under the hoods, and everything is designed for easy access and is neatly gathered on one side. When we need help, we have Julitta Maskinservice nearby, and they always provide good, rapid service,” says Henrik.


At Lindbloms Skogsentreprenad, conducting all logging assignments with high quality, and with great consideration for the environment, is key.

“We always want to do as good a job as possible. And that includes avoiding driving on waterlogged ground and causing as little damage to the forest floor as possible. Quite simply, we prioritize quality over quantity,” Henrik ends.

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