Great stability and productivity in difficult terrain

Eco Log’s E series harvesters are characterized by their agility and stability, with the pendulum arms enabling the machines to easily navigate all types of terrain. With a small turning radius and the ability to tilt and adapt the machine to the terrain, the harvester moves between trees without causing unnecessary damage to either the forest floor or standing trees.

The pendulum arms produce superior ground clearance, which can be varied from just over 4 inches (11 cm) up to almost 4 feet (1.2 m), enabling the harvester to easily pass over logs and rocks. By continually adapting the ground clearance to the terrain, machine stability is always optimized to ensure extremely safe and highly productive work shifts.

  • Raising, lowering and tilting the machine by means of the pendulum arms gives the operator full control as the machine follows the terrain with ease and maintains the optimum working position at all times.
  • In sensitive and soft terrain, the harvester is best lowered to its lowest position, thereby evenly distributing the machine’s weight over the terrain. This enables safe, secure, and stable navigation while producing minimal ground pressure.
  • Even on a steep incline, the powerful crane can work highly productively at long reaches as the cab and crane can always be kept level.