Comfortable and efficient ground preparation

Thanks to high operator comfort and cab damping, Eco Log’s forwarders are a great choice for ground preparation. The forwarders can handle the heavy work involved in ground preparation, offering high traction, exceptional reliability, and a construction designed to cope with long shifts in rocky and challenging terrain.

When working with ground preparation, the forwarders are equipped with different types of ground preparation heads that work effectively in varied and difficult terrain. Eco Log’s forwarders have a powerful crane that facilitates moving or building bridges over creeks and wetlands.

  • Eco Log’s largest forwarder, the 594 F, is ideal for ground preparation in taxing environments thanks to its rugged design and large wheels.
  • The forwarders remain fuel efficient and reliable even under heavy loads.
  • The heavy loads involved in ground preparation mean that the work environment is of the utmost importance. Eco Log’s forwarders prioritize a high level of comfort and a favorable work environment – always with the operator in focus!