Increased productivity with multi-tree handling

With optional multi-tree handling equipment, the operator is able to minimize production times as several trees are felled and collected in the harvester head before the stems are processed and bucked. This significantly increases efficiency on thinning assignments with tight margins. Thanks to the powerful crane, Eco Log harvesters are ideally suited to multi-tree handling. Even at long reaches in the midzone, the crane lifts the harvester head and stems with ease, enabling you to work continually with high efficiency and productivity without the risk of losing valuable uptime.

What’s more, a well-planned logging assignment using multi-tree handling further increases productivity. Also, an Eco Log harvester provides the operator with the necessary conditions for optimal work methods thanks to its excellent mobility and terrain-hugging capabilities regardless of forest conditions.

  • Eco Log’s proprietary crane is available in four different versions, all characterized by their power and a movement pattern that facilitates multi-tree handling.
  • Several of the harvester heads from Log Max offer the option of extra equipment for multi-tree handling, resulting in a combi harvester head that can cope with all types of thinning with great efficiency.
  • In addition to the financial benefits, multi-tree handling also results in less damage to standing trees thanks to fewer felling operations.
  • With the larger harvester heads, such as the Log Max 6000, multi-tree handling can prove advantageous for final logging on plots with little undergrowth as the stems can be bundled and processed quickly and easily.