Operator environment

Comfortable operator environment for productive working days

Eco Log’s forestry machines have many features designed to ensure a comfortable operator environment for long days in the forest. The forwarder cab is designed with great comfort, spaciousness, and favorable ergonomics in mind, all to ensure that the operator can work comfortably and efficiently.

The pendulum arms found on our harvesters enable the machine to maintain the optimal working position for high productivity and great stability, with the machine continually raised, lowered, or tilted to best match the underlying terrain. Our smaller forwarders also boast a lockable bogie, which ensures high machine stability even in extremely sensitive terrain and when positioning and operating the crane. This machine stability offers operators peace of mind and safe working conditions at all times.

The design and placement of the engine and other components on all Eco Log machines mean that the hood, together with effective lighting, provides the operator with exceptionally good visibility of the work area. The hood design also ensures that our forwarders boast high clearance and steering angles, simplifying work and aiding mobility even across inclines, in ditches, and in steep terrain.

  • Our forwarders and harvesters both offer operators extremely good visibility of the work area.
  • All key components of an Eco Log forest machine offer convenient access, which means that basic  service and maintenance tasks can be completed quickly and easily by the operator on location in the forest. 
  • Eco Log’s 1058 harvester has a cab with extremely good visibility and low noise levels, as well as a seat that can be reversed to face the engine section so that the machine can run in transport mode with the crane to the rear. 
  • The cab has been equipped with several features and smart solutions to increase operator comfort, including a lunchbox heater, an optional subwoofer, good charging options, and much more.