Increase your profitability with Eco Log

Buying a new machine is always a pleasure as well as an important investment for your company. There’s a lot to consider and many factors affecting the machine’s total cost of ownership and hence profitability. A machine that, at first glance, seems to be cheaper, risks eventually becoming a less profitable investment for the company.

Here we’ve listed four key factors that have a great impact on your profitability regardless of which machine you are operating and where we know that as a customer, you get the necessary conditions to work more profitably and see an improved economic outcome with the help of Eco Log’s machines.

4 high-impact factors for you profitability

Service interval

Eco Log’s F series harvesters and forwarders are equipped with reliable engines from Volvo Penta with a 1000-hour service interval. In terms of service costs alone, this entails considerable annual savings compared to a machine with a 500-hour service interval.

Savings of about 

EUR 3200 a year*


Technical utilization (TU)

Eco Log’s forestry machines are characterized by their exceptional reliability and short service times. This results in an extremely high
level of technical utilization, which has a major impact on the machine’s total cost of ownership. The long service interval alone results in a 2% increase in technical utilization per year compared to a machine with a 500-hour service interval – an increase that has a marked effect on revenue.

Increase in profit of up to

EUR 9700 a year**



Keeping productivity high is central to profitability for a forest contractor, as even a slight increase in production has a major impact on earnings. Many of our customers testify to significant production increases when using our machines. In some cases, as much as 20%, in part because of great reliability, good maneuverability, and an extremely powerful harvester crane.

The example shows the effect on earnings of a 5% increase in production. In the case of the 560F, 5% corresponds to 0.6 m³/h for thinning work, and in the case of the 590F, 1 m³/h for final felling work.

A 5% increase in production leads to
an increase in profit of about

EUR 24 200 a year*


Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is yet another factor with a great impact on the profitability, where fuel accounts for no less than 17% of the total cost of a machine. Many of our customers are witnessing a significant reduction of fuel consumption both with our machines in the F-series as well as our forwarders in the small segment. This example shows how big the savings are if fuel consumption is reduced by 5%.

Savings of about

EUR 3300 a year*

*The calculations are based on thinning with a 550F and an average stem size of 0.08 and assume 3000 hours a year in machine time (G15) or, for a 590F, on final felling with an average stem size of 0.20 and assume 3000 hours a year in machine time (G15). The savings for service costs are based on the average hourly rate of all service providers.

** Refers to a 590F according to the conditions stated above*. For a 550F the corresponding number is approximately EUR 7700 a year.