Unique mobility in steep and hilly terrain

Eco Log’s harvesters in the 500 series can easily process trees on inclines and in steep terrain. Thanks to the hydraulically controlled pendulum arms, the operator can adapt the machine to the terrain and take full control over any situation. By tilting, raising, or lowering the harvester body an optimal working position can always be achieved.. The operator is afforded a comfortable and ergonomic work environment as the cab, like the crane, can be kept level at all times. In this way, the crane can also work more productively at long reaches regardless of any incline in the terrain.

Thanks to the optional active bogie, Eco Logs Forwarder, 1250F is also characterized by high mobility in steep terrain. The forwarder operates with an optimal ground pressure adjusted to the terrain, creating enough traction for the machine to easily climb slopes and steep inclines without the bogie rearing up.

  • The harvester control system display includes a specially developed driving mode, ‘Mountain Mode’, that increases power to the rear wheels to prevent the bogies from lifting.
  • The harvesters low and central center of gravity provides increased stability and enhanced safety even when the crane is used at long reaches in steep terrain. 
  • The hydraulic differential locks in the harvesters are an asset in demanding terrain.

"I’m extremely pleased with the Eco Log’s off-road handling after having operated the machine in very steep and rocky terrain. Even if the forwarder isn’t able to get through, you can transport the logs to the strip road and in this way also thin areas that are difficult to access!"

Maria Karlsson, Eco Log 560 operator