Productive forest machines for low-impact forestry

For the past fifteen years, Eco Log has been developing, designing, and manufacturing machines for modern forestry at its factory in Söderhamn, Sweden. However, both the company and the factory have much longer histories than this, as Swedish engineering firm Kockums began manufacturing forest machines on the premises as far back as 1965. One unique aspect of today’s harvesters from Eco Log are the hydraulically controlled pendulum arms, which originate from the forest machine company Skogsjan and its so-called ‘Spider Machine’, first launched in 1986.

Today, Eco Log’s product range encompasses six harvester models and two forwarder models. The models are of different sizes and capacities and together Eco Log’s machines cover all application areas and tasks typically conducted within modern forestry.

  • Eco Log’s forestry machines have been developed for use in accordance with the cut-to-length method, wherein harvesters and forwarders work in teams to ensure productive, low-impact forestry.
  • Thanks to the pendulum arms and the powerful crane, Eco Log’s harvesters deliver high productivity in steep, hilly, and soft terrain.
  • Eco Log’s forest machines are centered on the operator, offering a favorable work environment, great comfort, and excellent visibility of the work area.
  • Common to both harvesters and forwarders are power, exceptional reliability and serviceability, which together provide the necessary conditions for forestry with a favorable total cost of ownership.