Harvesters for efficient and sustainable forestry

Eco Log’s harvesters offer you superior mobility in difficult terrain. All harvesters in the 500 series are equipped with pendulum arms that allow the machine’s ground clearance to be varied from just over 4 inches (11 cm) up to almost 4 feet (1.2 m), thereby enabling them to easily pass over logs and rocks. Even on inclines and in steep terrain, the machine can maintain high power and efficiency as both the cab and the powerful crane are kept level while the pendulum arms allow the harvester’s wheels to follow the terrain.

The ground pressure can be adjusted and redistributed by raising or lowering each of the harvester’s wheels individually or together in concert. The machine and its ability to adapt to the terrain gives the operator full control in any situation.

Eco Log harvesters:

  • Are equipped with engines from Volvo Penta, characterized by their low fuel consumption, responsiveness, and long service interval.
  • Create low ground pressure even in sensitive and soft terrain as the machine can be lowered to its lowest position to more evenly distribute the weight over the terrain.
  • Are designed and developed for easy and convenient servicing with all machine parts and components easily accessible and the ability to use the pendulum arms to lower the machine to the optimum working height.
  • The pendulum arms, engine, crane, and technical characteristics provide the necessary conditions for significantly higher productivity than similar harvesters on the market.
  • Optimized interaction between the hydraulic system and the diesel engine means that the machine always works at high capacity and with great efficiency.
  • An Eco Log harvester works like an excavator on wheels, where the loader and cabin smoothly move together. This makes the transition to a rubber-tired harvester easy for any operator regardless of previous experience from tracks