Harvester 580F

The Eco Log 580F is the second largest model of our F-Harvesters. With its powerful 286 HP Volvo Penta engine and 270 kNm crane, the Eco Log 580F can meet all types of challenges you face.

  • Volvo Penta engine of 286 hp
  • 350 ° swivel cab
  • 25,5 ° lateral tilt
  • 17 ° angle to the front and rear
  • Powerful crane with lifting force of 270 kNm

The Eco Log 580F offers several strong benefits. Eco Log's unique solution with pendulum arm suspension enables work in even the most demanding terrains. It's powered by an efficient Volvo Penta engine that is is specifically designed for high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.

With an Eco Log 580F you control your destiny to high productivity and a profitable total cost of ownership.

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Length, max (a), mm 7402
Height, min/max (b), mm 3338-4464
Ground clearance (d), mm 146 -1191
Weight, kg 20200
Engine, Volvo Penta
Type 6 cyl. D8 - 7.7 l
Emission requirements, Euromot Stage/Tier Stage V/Tier 4F/Stage III**
Gross power @ 2200 rpm, kW/hp 210/286
Torque, Nm (@ rpm) 1237
Fuel tank volume, L 460  
Hydrostatic 6 wd, 3 gears
Tractive force, max, kN 172  
Speed off-road/Speed on-road, km/h 0 - 7/0 -15  
Front, standard 600/55x26,5
Front, option 710/45x26,5
Rear, standard 600/65x34
Rear, option 710/55x34
Width, standard/option (c), mm 2790/2999
Steering angle, ˚ ±44
Tilt angle front to back, ˚ ±17
Tilt angle side to side, ˚ ±25,5
Reach, m 10 -11,5  
Gross lifting torque, kNm 270  
Gross slewing torque, kNm 38  
Slewing angle, ˚ 350
Hydraulic system
Crane pump, cc 140
Oil flow @ 1600 rpm for crane, l/min 275
Head Pump, cc 145
Oil flow @ 1600 rpm for harvester head, l/min 285
Working pressure, MPa 25  
Hydraulic tank volume, L 232
Electrical system
Voltage, V 24  
Batteries, Ah 2x145  
Alternator, A 130
Number of lights 20
Alternatives LED
Harvester head
Eco Log EC 561LF
Eco Log EC 661LF
Log Max 5000/6000*

* Only with 10 m crane
** Only in market areas outside the EU, USA & Canada