Easy and convenient servicing with Eco Log

Thanks to ongoing product development, all Eco Log harvesters and forwarders provide the optimum conditions for easy and convenient servicing and maintenance. The hose routing is designed to enable the service technician to easily access the different parts of the forest machine.

Thanks to the large skid plate, which is easily lowered or raised by means of a winch, there’s ample space for servicing and making any repairs.

To further simplify matters while also enhancing safety, Eco Log’s product development team has gathered all service points on the cooler side of the engine, reducing the risk of burns from the engine and the exhaust system.

  • Large hoods and hatches offer great accessibility and serviceability on all Eco Log harvesters and forwarders.
  • To increase accessibility and thereby simplify servicing, the forest machines’ diesel heaters are raised above the frame.
  • The pendulum arms on the harvesters help to make servicing quick and easy by either raising or lowering the machine to the optimum working height.
  • Efficient servicing increases machine uptime and provides the necessary conditions for high productivity