Sustainable Forestry

Forest machines for long-term sustainable forestry

Thanks to Eco Log’s pendulum arms, the machines have unique off-road properties that allow them to move about effortlessly in all types of terrain, without causing unnecessary damage to the forest or the ground. The harvesters’ ground pressure can be constantly optimized and minimized by raising or lowering the machine, so that the weight is optimally distributed over the surface. The harvesters’ ability to get around, combined with their powerful crane, allows them to lift the timber to the heavier forwarders so that these can avoid driving on sensitive terrain. All of Eco Log’s machines are equipped with fuel-efficient engines specially designed to satisfy the forestry industry’s tough requirements as regards emissions standards.

Eco Logs forwarder range consists of no less than six models of different sizes, with load capacities ranging from 9.4 to 22 tons (8.5 to 20 metric tons). The smaller, lighter forwarders (750, 1050, 1250) are set apart by their low-impact off-road capabilities, where they operate with minimal negative impact on the environment thanks to low weight and unique terrain characteristics.

Through innovation and the development of our machines, Eco Log ceaselessly strives to promote a sustainable and long-term approach to forestry.

  • With the introduction of Eco Log’s F series, all machines have been equipped with Stage V engines characterized by their environmental friendliness, reliability, and fuel efficiency.
  • Thanks to Eco Log’s powerful proprietary harvester crane, which is strong and effective even when extended, our harvesters can reach trees without having to enter sensitive areas.